The Kids

The Kids

Friday, December 14, 2012


I had planned on writing tonight about my frustrating week.

This post was going to be full of rants about the misbehavior of my children (they did have a rather ridiculous fight yesterday that I promise to eventually come back to in a later post), the messy destruction of my house, and the general feeling of not being appreciated.

Then today happened.

Years later, when I look back on these old posts, remembering my children's youth, I will remember this day as seeing pure evil happen in our country.

Children, elementary children, were killed in their school today.  They were the ages of my children now.  Hearing that the gunman specifically targeted a kindergarten class brought me to my knees.  That's Caleb.  Hearing that the kids who survived were being escorted out of the building with their eyes covered to avoid seeing their friends lying there made me shudder.  Watching the President and all of the news anchors choke on their words brought a lump to my throat.

Why?  Why did this happen?

My kids came home from school today and I would not let them go.  As they rambled on about their days with excitement, I kept thinking about the parents who would not be hearing their children's voices tonight.  Or tomorrow.  Or ever again.

My heart hurts.

I put aside my work, let the living room stay messy and just listened to them. 

And hugged them. 

And cried for the parents who are grieving tonight.


Anonymous said...

My heart cried for these families yestrday and today. How could anyone hurt innocent children and their teachers! I cannot believe that there is such anger in someone that would hurt litte children for no reason. May God watch over these families that lost little ones, yes love our children, and keep them safe. I thought about Abbey, Caleb, and Noah yesterday, and wished I could have held them for a little while.
God Bless you and your family.

Christi said...

I,too, cried for those children and their parents. Totally incapable of understanding why this happened. Too sad for words.
Hug and kiss those kids for me everyday!!!