The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Working Moms

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

Moms who work full time-I salute you.  Absolutely no idea how you do it.

Sure, I worked full time my entire adult life before Miss Abby entered the world.  But to do that while feeling the demands of home?  No idea how you survive.

As a Thirty-One Consultant, I set my own hours and can be as busy or as not busy as I please.  However, this is the busiest time of the year for most direct sales type people.  Everyone is Christmas shopping, everyone is looking for deals and there are craft fairs galore.

I warned Nick.  I told him about this past weekend and this coming weekend and all of the chaos that it brings months ago.  Seriously, I signed up for one of these events in August.  August.  That is a big enough heads up, right?

I still managed to get the deer in the headlights look from him when I reminded him of my schedule.

Anyway, two craft fairs down, one more to go and two more parties to go, all before my Christmas deadline of the 10th and I will be done.

For a couple of weeks, and then it is back to partying in January.

I know that standing around, talking about bags with women does not seem like hard work.  It really isn't.  But, I have found myself exhausted each night after these events.  I have been mentally tired.  And while I am at these events, my mind is constantly thinking about what is going on at home.  Are the kids driving Nick crazy?  Is he able to get his grading done with Noah running around?  What kind of mess am I going to come home to?

Again, women who go through this on a daily basis-good for you.  I do not have that strength.

It has taken me three days to kind of get caught up on housework.  I can now see my living room floor, so that is progress.  Caleb will no longer have to wear pants that are too big for him as I finally washed his clothes.  Abby's homework has finally made its way into her backpack, only a day late.

I am sure if I worked like this all of the time, I would have a better system.  I would have a nanny and someone to clean my house.  I would split some of these daily chores with Nick. 

But, the thing is, I like being the person who runs the show.

Call me a 1950s housewife, but I like taking care of things at home and doing it well.  I want my husband to come home to dinner on the table and things under control (okay, that is hilarious-it is never under control in this house).  I want to be home when the kids get home from school.  I want Noah to be with me for most of the day and not another provider. 

If I had to live every day like this past weekend looked like, it would make me so sad.  To come home just as exhausted as my husband and then be expected to still make dinner, wash clothes and take care of everyone's stuff?  Where does that energy come from?  How could I help Abby with her homework, listen to Caleb's many stories and game plans and sit and read with Noah if I was that tired?

Again, moms who work-no idea how you do it.  You must never sleep.

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