The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Battle Of The Big Boy Bed

The time finally arrived where I gave in and put Caleb in a big boy bed. With Abby, she was in one before she was two years old, since her brother was on his way. But, with Caleb, I put off this process as long as possible. It is completely selfish, but I have enjoyed keeping him trapped in his crib so that he naps and I get a break.

However, when I continually found him pretending to sleep in his sister's bed, I took the hint and found some great deals on craigslist (love that site) on a frame, then continued to the store for mattresses and the Cars bed set. I swore I would never give into the commercialized stuff for bedrooms, but the kid is obsessed with that movie and any kind of car in general.

So, last week I picked a day to put it together, lugged the second hand Pottery Barn headboard up the stairs (I think I broke my big left toe in the process), stored the crib in the garage (I am so longing for a basement) and put away every possible play item I could think of in his room.

I forgot about the books.

For the past four days, this little man has found every possible way of making his books the most exciting event to happen in the afternoon. After the first two days, I got smart and put them in the hallway so he was left with nothing to find. The result? He kept knocking on his door, asking for "another book, Mommy!"

Now, I once considered myself slightly experienced when it came to these milestones in my children's lives. When Abby first slept in her bed, we had a two day battle of discipline for every time she got out of her bed, and she eventually figured out who was in charge.

With Caleb, not so much.

I have heard every excuse in the book on why he will not nap:
"Mommy, I'm not tired!"
"Mommy, I don't like this blanket!"
"Mommy, I need a car!"
"Mommy, I want to get out!"
"Mommy, I pooped!"

Which leads me to the convenient change in his bowel movements-he suddenly is filling his diaper in the middle of nap time. I have to admit, that is talent.

Finally, after days of practically falling asleep at the dinner table in exhaustion (that would be me and Caleb), he gave in.

True, he fell asleep pretty much the time when his sister started waking up, but I'll take what I can get.


Lexi Elizabeth said...

You should've threatened to put him back in his crib.

Tammy said...

Two reasons why I couldn' wouldn't be much of a threat because he liked his crib. And secondly, always have to follow up on threats and not just give empty ones-there was no way I was going to put that crib back together and move the big bed again :)