The Kids

The Kids

Friday, January 16, 2009

What's Inside

While eating lunch today, Abby and Caleb were discussing many thought provoking things. Like who their favorite Car character is, what they were eating for lunch, what Abby did at school today-the usual.

Then, Abby randomly says to her little brother, "Caleb, did you know if you took off your skin, you would see the inside of your body?"

While I choked on my lunch, she continued, "You can see all the stuff inside, like your heart and your bones and Jesus...hey Caleb, did you know that Jesus and God are in here (pointing to her chest)?"

Caleb immediately looked down at his chest and peered into his shirt. He kept trying to look inside himself and said, "I want to see Him! Where is He?"

Abby said, "No, no, Caleb-you don't see Jesus until you go to Heaven!" in a tone that suggested she was all wise and knowing, while her brother was clueless. I even caught a glimpse of her rolling her eyes while she explained it to him.

Well, I am glad my four-year old understands such a mystery. I guess that is why we are supposed to have child-like faith.

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