The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thoughts On Day Three Of The '09 Blizzard

The first day my husband has a snow day at school is a blessing. By the third day, it is almost an annoyance.

My kids have reached a level of boredom that causes them to lay on the living room floor, stare at the ceiling, and tell me what shapes they see in the whiteness above them.

There are two kinds of drivers in Cincinnati. The ones who grew up in Ohio and have a pretty good idea of how to drive in snow. And the ones who crossed the river from the south and have a real love of hitting the brakes on icy roads.

If someone is going to honk their horn behind me while I wait to turn left onto an icy road, you better believe they are going to wait another full minute before I turn.

If my husband does not move from my "break while the kids are napping" chair soon, he should fear his life.

Instead of joining the gym this week, I was snowed in, made cookies out of boredom, and ate them. I blame the weather for my weight gain.

Age four is the magical age where kids actually enjoy the snow. Abby could stay out for hours, while Caleb hid in the garage with the bikes.

Miracles do happen. Our part of the city is usually the first to lose power and so far, we are okay. Always a good thing on a LOST night.

The joys of owning a home become abundantly clear when it snows...shoveling the driveway, salting the sidewalk, digging out the mail box, leaving the trash cans out for numerous days until the garbage truck shows up...which leads me to wonder-do they recycle stuff after it has been left in inches of snow and ice for two days?

The cost of living on a nice, quiet cul-de-sac? The snow plow completely ignores you.


Anonymous said...


Tammy, do you have a small road rage problem? Should my grandchildren be in your car? :)

Tammy said...

Did my mother just say "LOL?"

Anonymous said...

I am with it or what?! ( It does mean laugh out loud, I hope- that's what I've been told!)

Teresa said...

Dude, I was thinking about you this month. we've been trying to have a baby too, but its not working out :(
I kept thinking January is Tammy's month since you have two October babies! SO sorry about the neg test. I was thinking the other day about how life now consists of two desires-either to be pregnant or not to be pregnant. Guess that will change someday too. I'll be praying for you.
ps-sorry about all the snow-it does get old.

Amy D said...

So you're trying to get pregnant, Tammy? ;-)

Enjoyed the post!