The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Used To Be

I used to be able to get up early and have quiet time without interruption. Now, with the slightest light that shines into my daughter's room, she wakes up and wants to join me.

I used to run errands whenever I wanted. Now, I have to stop and think, "Is it worth it?" before piling the kids in the car and taking off.

I used to be able to work out in the living room with some privacy. Now, my sit-ups have become extra hard with a two-year old sitting on my stomach and my leg exercises have turned into pretend tunnels for his cars.

I used to go out with my husband whenever we felt like it. Now, we have to think of sitters and not getting home too late.

I used to make porterhouse steaks for dinner. Now, I longingly pass that aisle in the store and buy hamburger meat and chicken.

I used to have alone time in the bathroom. Now, I am watched by two children who do not understand the word "privacy."

I used to sit and read books for enjoyment. Now, I always have someone on my lap and the story usually consists of Thomas, Dora or Cars.

I used to appreciate our satellite for all the channels I could enjoy. Now, I enjoy it for Noggin, Nick Jr. and PBS Kids.

I used to finish conversations on the phone. Now, I am consistently interrupted by tugs on my shirt, crying, arguing and "Can I talk?"

I used to buy what I wanted at the grocery store. Now, my snacks are replaced with Dora yogurt, fruit snacks and juice boxes.

I used to spend my Christmas gift cards on myself. Now, I spend them on new kid's bedding and toy boxes to hold their Christmas gifts.

I used to say whatever I wanted when upset. Now, I realize I have an audience that follows my example.

I used to buy new clothes every season. Now, I spend money on deals for my ever-growing daughter.

I used to think I would never do what my parents do. Now, I find myself fortunate to have such great examples.

I used to feel like myself. Now, I feel like a mom.

And I would never go back.

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Tiff said...

Ok, I am glad you ended that they way you did, because I was beginning to get a little worried! ;)

I love reading your blog and hearing stories about your's cool that you'll have this record of conversations and events that may have otherwise been forgotten. :)