The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Discussing Theology Over Breakfast

While eating breakfast with Abby this morning, she randomly asked me when she could go to Heaven. This obviously is not the first time she has asked this, since I have written about such conversations in the past. This particular conversation cracked me up, though.

Abby: "When can I go to Heaven?"
Me: "Hopefully when you are older."
Abby: "Like when I'm 15?"
Me (slightly panicked): "I hope you're a little older than that. Heaven is where we go when we die."
Abby: "When we die?"
Me (regretting the honesty and hitting the pause button on the Today show so I could try and concentrate): "We live here on earth for awhile, telling people about Jesus, and then we will eventually die and go to Heaven, which is a good thing. But, we don't need to go there until God wants us to."

(Okay, it was the first conversation of the day and I was really tired.)

Abby: "When was Jesus born?"
Me: "Over 2000 years ago."
Abby: "2000 years ago?! Like before people were born?"
Me: "No, people were alive. Remember that Mary and Joseph were His parents?"
Abby: "Oh yeah."
Me: "You see, Abby, God has always been around. He made the earth and the first people. Then those people had babies, who grew up and had babies and that's how all the rest of the people have been made. Then, after a long time of people being born and making all sorts of mistakes, Jesus was born to save all of us from our sins. That way, when you fight with your brother or talk back to me or when I lose my temper or say mean things, that's forgiven because of what Jesus did for us."
Abby: "Oh. Mommy, you can turn your news back on now."

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Tim said...

Well, she was inquisitive enough to get the answers even if she wasn't expecting them... and nice enough to permit you to go back to what you'd been doing. ;)

I'm sure it's these types of impromptu conversations that end up having the most lasting impacts.