The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Busy Already?

I always swore I would not be one of those parents who keeps their kids busy. Yet, it still happened, without much warning.

First I wanted to blame it on Abby. If she was not so excited about soccer, I would not have signed her up. Of course she has to make it worth it with all her goals and huge smiles during the entire game. Okay, I get it-you love playing soccer. And of course it is her school schedule that makes us leave the house every morning by 8:00 a.m. She just has to have that October birthday that keeps her in preschool for another year, instead of getting on the bus for kindergarden.

Which leads me to realize it is technically my fault. I delivered her in October on her due date instead of trying to get her out early (since we all know that is completely in our control). And come to think of it, I did purchase her first soccer ball when she was barely running.

Regardless, I feel bad for Caleb. The poor kid just wants to stay home, play with his trains and be content. Instead, he is sometimes dragged out of bed so that we can get his sister to school on time, made to run errands with his mom during the short time Abby is away, then finally comes home just in time for lunch and naps. I really try to do fun things in the morning, like playing at the park or going to the library (which used to open at 9:00 a.m. before budget cuts-now it opens as I need to leave to pick up Abby), but even those activities get cut short because of our schedule.

I have a feeling it will just get worse as they get older. I already see Caleb loving sports and asking when he can play. I suppose there is no way to end the madness, but to limit how crazy it could become.

Even at age four, I see parents sending their kids to so many activities that I do no understand how they handle it. Some of Abby's teammates are also involved in dance, gymnastics-you name it. When do they have time to simply play? I was never involved in so many things at that age and I never remember feeling bored.

Do parents sign their children up for every possible thing because they truly want them to experience different parts of life? Or do they do it because society says to? Why is it popular to be busy? Why do so many people I know constantly talk about their busy schedules, with a little bit of pride in their tone?

And when did I become one of these people?


Lexi Elizabeth said...

See, it's funny, because I regret not being busier when I was younger. I was in dance, basketball, girl scouts, and all other sorts of things. I wish I could've done voice lessons, piano lessons, and all sorts of other things. But I guess that's just me- I love being busy! haha.

Dee said...

Caleb is a gem! I laughted so hard reading this, it is so typical of little boys to say these things because they generally mean what they say. They don't realize that is something that should be kept private. Abbey, God Bless her, she always has the right answers too. You have two very bright and loving kids. Can't wait to see them again.
Love Great Grandma