The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Morning

This morning, Abby wandered into our room at the usual 7:00 a.m. (gotta love their internal clocks). As she snuggled with us, we heard Caleb calling from his room. As I debated in my mind whether or not to get up and get him or guilt Nick into waking up, the obvious helper next to me came to mind. After Abby ran in and got her little brother out of bed, they raced back into our room and what used to be snuggling quickly turned into a tickle fight.

Let me point out that tickle fights between our kids are fun for them. However, they are a combination of physical abuse and torture for the two adults who are still hanging on to precious moments of sleep. Jabs into the ribs, stomach and legs are not unheard of. One would think a king-sized bed would give them plenty of room to move, but no-they manage to stay within the exact area in which we are attempting to rest.

Today Abby decided to start naming Caleb's body parts and was comparing them to our bodies and telling him what they are used for.

(Don't worry-the story is not going toward the body part that Caleb most likes to talk about.)

This is the stream of sentences I heard from Abby...

"These are your arms and they are the smoothest...this is your head and it's the biggest...these are your legs and they are the most ticklish...these are your ears and they are for hearing...these are your eyes and they are for seeing...these are your nipples (I was suddenly wide awake at this point) and they are for-touching!"

Well, what else would they be for?

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Amy D said...

I busted out loud laughing when I read this!!! Very interesting conclusion, Abby! Thanks for sharing!!