The Kids

The Kids

Monday, September 28, 2009

An Ode to Nick and the Mariemont Starbucks

I would like to take this moment and thank my beloved husband and the Mariemont Starbucks for making my 32nd birthday truly special.

Let me first explain that last year on the 24th, I happened to stop the Mariemont Starbucks (three minutes from Abby's school) and asked if they do any discounts for birthdays. They immediately smiled and said "Free Drink!" Okay, twist my arm. As I enjoyed my grande (that's right-grande) Caramel Apple Spice, I was filled with warm thoughts of the future years of friendship with this business.

So, you can understand my dismay when on the eve of my birthday, Abby developed an ear infection with a fever. Yes, I was concerned for her, but sad to say, one of my first thoughts was, "I won't be able to take her to school tomorrow and get my free drink!"

Okay, so I won't be winning any mother of the year award.

You have to understand-I had been spending the week watching our neighbor's 16th month old girl, which included when I had to take Abby to the doctor for her ear infection. Three kids, in the rain, one in pain, the other two dragged into the car again (Caleb being awoken from his nap), at a doctor's office-fun times. After a week of three kids when I am used to two, I was really, really counting on that free drink.

Anyway, Abby was fine by my birthday, but of course had to stay home having had a fever the night before. All those H1N1 scares and all. After a long day of three kids in the house on another rainy day, I finally had a break-my wonderful husband was taking me out for a date! He had wanted to surprise me, but could not find our movie coupons anywhere, which were of course in my purse-where else would they be? I should have known to leave them in the miscellaneous pile on the kitchen counter.

So, the day of sick and complaining kids behind me, we set out for a date. We ate at Max and Erma's for dinner. Not fancy, but perfect-did you know they bring you free chocolate chip cookies on your birthday? And their pretzel appetizer makes my day. I think I ordered an actual meal, but the appetizer and desert is what I remember.

Then we went to the movies and saw Julie and Julia. Was not sure what to expect, but the biggest surprise to me was how much Nick enjoyed the movie. It was actually really good and who could go wrong with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams? The only catch was how much food one ends up seeing in this movie. Between my "healthy" dinner, the free popcorn and drink from our coupons, and the calories I gained just by watching the movie about Julia Child-I felt like I was going to explode. Totally worth it.

The only thing to damper my spirits was the fact that no other Starbucks seemed to honor the free drink on your birthday code. I tried a couple of places while we were out and they looked at me like I was crazy. I ended up with that infamous Starbucks smell on my clothes and for what? Disappointment.

However, the next day restored my faith in the chain. I dropped Abby off at school, ran some errands with Caleb and just happened to try the Mariemont Starbucks. I went in, completely raved to the woman about how much I enjoy their store (I really do-they are always smiling and joking around with everyone) and asked if they would offer me the free drink even though it was the day after my birthday. She smiled and said, "Of course."

It was not just the fact that my grande (yes, grande) Caramel Apple Spice was free; it is that is was absolutely delicious. I have never had another Starbucks make that drink as well as this particular store does.

So, this is my thank you to my wonderful husband who gave me the break I so long desired and to the Mariemont Starbucks who extended my birthday by a few hours.

32 never felt so good.

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Teresa said...

Happy birthday Tammy! And tell nick I said Hoodey! Couldnt believe that they pulled it off yesterday.