The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mornings with Caleb

It has been fun bonding with Caleb while Abby is at school. We get to talk without being interrupted and he actually has my full attention when we play together. It has also allowed me a couple of fun stories to cherish from this past week...

1) I am not usually a paranoid parent who is worried about germs. However, with the whole H1N1 fiasco, I am a bit more careful. I make sure we all wash our hands when we come home from anywhere, I keep hand sanitizer in my purse, and always have wipes with me. Which is why what Caleb did yesterday made me realize my attempts at keeping the germs away are in vain.

This precious child was playing on the park slide and enjoying every minute of it. So much so that the second time he went down (meaning he already walked up it twice) he went down on his belly with his mouth wide open, kissing it the entire way down. Yep-gross. The beauty of it was that he immediately gave me a big kiss when he was done.

And I wonder why I did not receive my normal kiss from Nick when he came home yesterday.

2) On the way home from school this week, Caleb was sitting in a pull-up without his pants on because he had gotten them wet at the park. He randomly asked his sister, "Abby, do you have a penis?"

As my foot slipped from the brake pedal and I almost bumped into the person in front of me at the red light, I heard her reply very matter of factly, "No Caleb. Only boys have penises." To which Caleb asked her, "Do you want to see my penis?"

When I noticed him pulling his diaper away from his special area, I immediately reminded him that his penis and butt are his private areas and that he should not be showing them to anyone else. So of course he turned to Abby and said, "Abby, do you have a butt?"

As Abby continued to explain to her little brother that everyone has butts but not penises, I smiled and was grateful that my life is never boring.

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Christi said...

I have to tell you, Caleb asked me the same questions the other nite when they were here. He also demonstrated that he had the required parts to speak of.
I was at a loss for reply except for the same answer Abby gave him...
Boys are boys!!