The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Moments Of Wonder

Caleb was sitting on the ground at Abby's soccer practice today, playing cars and trucks with some of the other little brothers. He randomly looked up at me and asked, "What's that song about? I can't remember it...the one about 'this is the day that the Lord has made?'"

Sparing all of the watching parents of my singing, I told him we would sing it in the car. A few minutes later, he commented, "God made the grass and the trees." When I agreed, he added, "And He made the cars."

Well, we covered the most important things to him-grass, trees and cars.

It was really sweet to watch him wonder, especially in front of so many people. He had no embarrassment in his questions and showed pride in what God has made. As we drove home, I taught him the song he requested and he sang so sweetly that I wondered why I ever find myself frustrated with him.

Then I remembered that he and Abby spent an entire 20 minutes fighting over a chair today and it brought me back to reality.

He did continue on with picking up his children's Bible to read before bedtime. When I started the beginning part about creation, he kept interrupting and saying, "But, He made the earth, make sure you read about the earth." When I finally got to that sentence, he said, "Yes-the earth! You read about Him making the earth!"

Keep that excitement, Caleb-it too quickly gets lost in the midst of our lives.


Bev said...

Thanks for sharing that Tammy. I just got back from my morning walk, didn't even use my ipod, just looking and listening to the "earth" that He made. Have been dealing with issues of faith too, what does it really mean, the act of faith. I'm praying I could have Caleb's innocent and pure faith again. Life, or is it our enemy, sure tries to steal it from us! Love you and Happy pre-day Birthday!

Pete said...

Tammy, you should know better than to put movie coupons in your purse! That's why guys make thousands of piles of papers all over the house - so we can find important things when we need them! :)

Glad you had a fun birthday.

-- Pete