The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eight Years Ago

In honor of our eight year anniversary today, I thought I would reminisce about the actual day of our wedding.

I woke up early, with a combination of excitement over the idea of finally marrying Nick and gratefulness that I was not sick. The night before I started coming down with a cold-the kind that makes one extremely tired. I took a shower, put on comfy clothes (knowing I would be in a very heavy dress all evening) and prepared for the last minute details of the day. As a couple of my friends that were staying at my parent's house started to get ready, the water went out.

Now, if you have ever been to my parent's house, you know this is a common thing to happen. Oh, it does not happen on your average day, but on days where either an event is happening or guests are visiting. It is like the spring has a mind of its own and it absolutely loves to mess with my parent's patience.

It usually wins the battle.

Anyway, after the one bridesmaid who lived nearby offered to have people shower at her house, the day continued on. We women decorated the reception hall, which did not take long considering most of it was still decorated for Christmas-this is why we picked January 5th...the day before decorations come down. We are so thrifty.

In the midst of all the chaos, Nick did his part by sending me flowers. He is awesome.

I have no idea how this happened, but I was the most calm and relaxed bride ever. Seriously-my friend was finishing my hair and attaching the veil about five minutes before I walked down the aisle, while a bridesmaid was applying my make-up. I never even looked in the mirror before walking down the aisle-I just wanted to get down it and join my future husband. Evidently, my friends did a great job with my looks, considering Nick gave the perfect husband-to-be reaction. One guest still continues to talk about how great his emotion-filled face was.

My amazing father gave me away to this man he had only known for a few years. Can you imagine the agony of being a dad? You raise your daughter her entire life, always on guard to keep her safe, then you have to trust this stranger to take over your job. I have no idea how he did it. And I have no idea how Nick will do it someday.

After a beautiful ceremony in which I was only looking at Nick, we went out into the hallway of my home church and just had a moment of wonder at what just happened. My cousin, David, came around the corner and was the first person to tell us congratulations and how proud of me he was. In hindsight, that was one of the most precious moments of the day since it became the last time we saw him. Sadly, he passed away two months later. I am forever grateful to have that last memory to hold on to.

The reception was so much fun. The idea of having all our friends and family in one room was lovely. The dance floor was filled with aunts and uncles next to Nick's baseball team next to camp friends-it was a beautiful sight. The DJ did a great job getting people on the dance floor. Granted, he could have avoided playing "Girls, Girls, Girls" as the song Nick and I were announced to...we all make mistakes.

Dancing with my daddy to Billy Joel's "Goodnight, My Angel," while my mom stood in the corner with tears in her eyes-perfect. My dad said the sweetest things to me while we danced that will forever be in my memory.

The entire day just flew by. All those months of planning and then it was over in a flash. However, that day was just the beginning-I was not sad when it was over because that meant we were starting our lives together.

I have been blessed with eight years of marriage to this man. And I look forward to the coming years together.


Bev said...

Your Mom has tears in her eyes now too! Lots of love and Happy Anniversary!

aunt karen said...

nick and tammy, happy anniversary! i just love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Tammy and Nick!! Love reading your blog as well! Hope you get to celebrate! Love you! Aunt Karen in CA...

Anonymous said...

Tammy, your blogs are going to keep the Kleenex company in business. Love to you and Nick, Aunt Carol

Great-grandma Dee said...

Happy Anniverary, with a lot of Kleenex beside me, you two are a wonderful Couple - Much love and happiness!! Love reading your blogs too! Great-grandma Dee

Tim Parenti said...

Congratulations, Nick and Tammy!