The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, June 12, 2011

8 Months

What happened to my baby boy?  I thought I had a few more months of our last being in the baby phase.  Apparently, Noah thinks that he has to be just like his older siblings, so he is racing to keep up with them.

He started crawling a few weeks ago.  The first day, he kind of inched around.  After that, he just took off.  No army crawling or butt scooting-just typical crawling.

Terrific.  Now I actually have to baby proof.  That was a lot easier to do when it was just us.  Now I have to watch out for all the other crap that the kids get out.  Caleb wants to play Toy Story memory every day-the problem is, he never remembers to put the cards away.  Noah has chewed on so many cards that Caleb knows which ones are which-little cheater.

It seems crawling is not good enough for him.  He stands up at anything he can get his hands on.  My personal favorite is when he stands at his piano (set at a height at which he can sit) and gradually pushes it across the room.  It is pretty funny, until he eventually remembers that he is eight months old, falls down and cries. 

Noah is also going through a rough teething time.  His first two bottom teeth have made an appearance, but I think the upper ones are hurting him.  He normally naps well, but has been waking up early out of almost every nap, lately.  I blame it on the teeth.

Or on the fact that the older two kids are now home all day.  He did start waking up early from naps about the same time that school let out.  Hmm.

Changing his diaper and clothes is like trying to ready an octopus.  Arms flying everywhere, body wiggling over in an attempt to get to something more interesting.  I have tried raising my voice to get his attention, but it only results in his cute giggle and dimpled smile, leading me to laugh. 

I guess I understand his laughing at me-hearing someone say "No Noah" does sound a bit silly.  Should have thought of that before naming him.

Even in the midst of losing sleep and hurtful teething, Noah is still a pretty happy kid.  What a blessing.

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