The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From Noah's Perspective

What Noah is most likely thinking these days...

Well, I guess these crazy people around me are my family.  They do not seem to be leaving anytime soon, which is good, since they are pretty entertaining. 

I noticed the man I am supposed to call Daddy is around a lot more now.  Some days he still leaves for the day, but quite often, he is around more than he was when I first arrived.  I am really glad because he is a lot of fun.  He plays a lot of baseball with my brother and dances with my sister.  I hope I get to play like that someday.

Speaking of my sister, she seems pretty great.  She gets down to my level and plays with me, smiling sweetly and using fun voices.  I am not really a fan of when she picks me up and moves me to a different place.  Doesn't she know that cords and DVDs are more fun to play with than my toys?

I really like my brother.  We share a room, which is pretty cool.  Whenever I am too excited to sleep, he keeps me entertained.  Sometimes when I talk loudly in the morning, he wakes up and talks with me.  He has learned that if he tries to leave our room before me, I cry, so he is pretty patient and waits for me.  He also has these really cool cars that he (sometimes) shares with me. 

My favorite person is Mommy.  I try to show her how much I love her by constantly crying for her if she is in the room.  I like everyone else a lot, but if Mommy walks by, I would rather go to her.  For some reason, she moves around a lot.  I watch her going from room to room, picking up things that I know my brother and sister will just get out again.  I think she should spend her time better by just sitting with me.  That is why I whine for her-I am just trying to help her have a better day.

For a long while, I just laid around and watched everyone around me.  Eventually, I sat up so that I could see better.  But, when I was sitting there, I realized that everyone still kept moving and got to do so many cool things.  So, I decided to keep up. 

Crawling is awesome.

I get to see new things (and by see, I mean put them in my mouth).  Did you know there are all sorts of cool things on the ground, that are the perfect size to swallow?  And best of all, I get to follow Mommy everywhere.  She has the best things in the kitchen.  I think they are called measuring cups-they are way better than my toys.

Even though crawling is great, I find that standing up and scooting my feet around gets me places, too.  I am particularly interested in finding a way up the stairs.  That way I can never be left behind.

Recently, I finally gave in and clapped for my family.  They had been asking me to do it for awhile, but I figured I would keep them in suspense.  When I finally did it, they yelled and laughed so loud that I was not sure that I wanted to do that again.  Eventually I did and it is pretty wonderful to see them smile so much.

Sometimes when I am doing all of these things, I see my Mommy looking at me.  She seems to have this sad look in her eyes, like she is disappointed that I am growing so quickly.  That is why I cuddle with her and give her lots of kisses. 

Yes, I suppose I will stick around with these people.  They are alright.


Anonymous said...

This was really cute! Good idea !

Grandma Dee said...

Tammy you should write a book, that is so interesting. I often wondered what baby's think, and I am sure you nailed it!!! It was such a great story from his view and your thoughts.