The Kids

The Kids

Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Messy Weekend

Forget spring cleaning.  Every bit of it that I have accomplished in the past few weeks (and it was not very much) has been thrown out the window.  I no longer see the point when random things like this weekend happen.

Let us start with the van.  As previously posted, I recently cleaned it out.  However, the very next day ruined all of my hard work.

I bought groceries.  It was a lovely trip, since I was able to shop BY MYSELF.  Moms, you totally get the luxury of it.  I was able to think, pay attention to all of my coupons and the sales, and read the tabloids while waiting in line instead of entertaining a baby and ignoring the begging from the older two.

Apparently, my smart thinking and paying attention to detail was left at the store.  I somehow left one bag of groceries in the van.  In Noah's carseat.  To be found 24 hours later.  In 90 degree weather.  The contents being:  yogurt, hot dogs, crescent rolls, and butter.

Oh, the butter.

First of all, I was so mad because every item in there (apart from the butter) were bought with great coupons.  Secondly, why could it not have been the bags with cereal or toilet paper?  No, it had to be the cold items.  Seriously?

As much as I hated to throw everything out, I could not risk poisoning my family to save a few bucks.  The worst part of it is the carseat.  It now smells like butter.  I have washed the outer part in the washing machine, I have cleaned the plastic part, and have sprayed everything with Lysol.  Yet, it still smells like butter.

Sure, butter smells great.  Like movie theater popcorn.  But, when it continually sinks into Noah's clothes and makes him greasy...not such a great smell.  I will be looking online today to compare prices on carseats.  My little mistake of leaving one bag of groceries in the car will cost us the price of food and a carseat.

On to the rest of the weekend...

Nick stayed home with Noah yesterday while the rest of us went to church.  We had a busy day ahead of us and needed him to nap well.  Noah, not Nick.  Although, it might have been better if Nick had just napped all morning.

He decided to clean out the fishtank.  The problem started when the light dropped into the fish tank, causing the light and the pump to stop working.  As Nick continued to work with everything, more drama occurred.  This is the text that I received while exiting church...

Tammy, I just destroyed the top of the shelf in the dining room, dropped all of our wedding cards in the fish tank, broke the aquarium filter, broke the radio, shorted the circuits and basically killed the fish.  How is your day going?

I was then left with the dilemma of staying away from the disaster, or actually calling him back and coming home to help.

I chose the latter.

Turns out, the top of our china cabinet fell, which is directly over the fish tank.  It is an old piece of furniture, but free, so whatever.  The bad part is that our stereo is on top of it, which is now sitting on the table, awaiting my attention to see if it is beyond repair.  Our wedding cards have been sitting in the same basket for nine years, also on top of the china cabinet, to keep safe from sticky fingers.  Now, about twenty of them are drying out on the kitchen counter, after falling into the fish tank.

I love the irony.

After much trial and error with circuit breakers and plugging things in, we finally found the reset button on one of the outlets, and it fixed the entire wall.  The pump is now running, the light is now on, and the fish (by some miracle) are still alive.

All of this happened in one weekend.  No wonder we are so tired.

At least one good thing came of this...we were able to read some wedding cards and remember with fondness who was there to celebrate with us nine years ago.  I will not tell the guests who exactly ended up in the fish tank, but if it was you, your card is now seasoned with extra memories from our marriage.

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