The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baseball Fan

For anyone who says Caleb is a minature Nick, I just might have to agree with them now.

This boy loves baseball.  He loves to play it, he loves to watch it, he even loves to pretend his toys are playing baseball together.

We recently put a gazebo up in the backyard.  I think it is great because we needed shade.  Caleb thinks it is great because he can throw a baseball on top of it, wait for it to roll down, and then catch it in his glove.

Every day is the same routine.  He wakes up, puts on his Reds hat, eats breakfast, then immediately seeks out his dad so they can play baseball in the house.  Yes, in the house.  I personally am not a fan, but Nick finds it hilarious.

I wonder if he would find it as hilarious if the ball went flying toward the television instead of my candlesticks.

When I hear the sound of the ball hitting the wall or crashing into shelves, I am reminded of one of my first visits to Cincinnati.  I was dating Nick and met his childhood friends.  These guys had a great tradition of playing baseball in the living room of one of their homes.  The rule of the house was no baseball in the house, but they would wait until the mom was asleep and then start playing.  However, it did not matter how late it was or how quiet they were-the moment they would reach for the bat, they would hear, "Adam, are you playing baseball?"  (All of Nick's childhood friends that are reading this are now hearing her voice in their head, hearing the exact inflection that all know and love.)

They never knew who she knew.  However, as a mom, I think I know.  It is a sense that we have.

Or, she had nanny cam set up that they never knew about.

Anyway, Caleb has followed in his dad's footsteps and loves the game.  He is content to sit and watch the Reds play into extra innings and his favorite player is Joey Votto.  He has been looking for a Votto shirt, but apparently all stores think that either babies or grown men are the only ones that want to buy them.  I think that Caleb's head is going to have a permanent hat imprint because he never wants to take off his Reds hat.  Seriously-found him asleep with it on the other night.

I love that he loves the game.  Even more, I love that he shares that with Nick.  Then I picture the day when Abby will be off at college and I am at home with three boys.  My only thought is, "I hope the house survives."

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Grandma Dee said...

Yes Caleb is a mini Nick, but is he as interested in football as he is in baseball. I know Nick is a great fan of the Bengals, so I am assuming Caleb is too! Who knows he may be a great baseball player when he grows up, wouldn't that be something, better than football (get hurt too easily) love the story!!