The Kids

The Kids

Monday, November 14, 2011

Abby And The Boy

Abby is only seven, right?  She did not suddenly turn into a teenager and I missed it?

The other day, she was doodling on a piece of paper and I saw what it said.  She wrote "Abby loves Andrew."

Um, excuse me?  I have looked around and her father and brothers are not named Andrew so who exactly is this boy that she is loving?

He is a boy in her class and she thinks he is pretty nice.  I have met him many times and yes, he is nice.  But, she loves him?

When I asked her why she wrote that, she replied, "Well, you wrote that you loved a boy in that book!"

Whoops.  Apparently, in one of the books that has been passed on to Abby from my youth (thank to my mom for saving them), I wrote, "I love ....."  Okay, so there was an actual name written there, but given the age of social networking, I would not be thrilled about my crush of the 6th grade finding out that I "loved" him.

Sadly, on the same page, I also wrote not nice things about the other girl who liked him.  We are friends on facebook so I believe I will keep her nameless as well.

I have been trying to remember my feelings in the 1st grade and I really do not remember "loving" boys.  Sure, they were fun to play with at recess, but loving them?  Not so much.  I do remember being in the 3rd grade and one of my boy friends explaining that he liked me and two other girls.  It was not exactly the romance of the century.

So it begins.  My daughter has discovered that boys are different (well, she does have two brothers so she has known that for awhile now) and apparently worth noticing.  Lord help us.

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