The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, November 6, 2011


There is a reason that I have a degree in working with high school students and not elementary. 

My lack of patience.

I signed Abby up for American Heritage Girls at school.  They were looking for leaders for the thousands (okay, not thousands, but many) 1st graders that signed up.  My response was, "I cannot be a leader, but I will help out sometimes, especially with the camping trips."  Soon after, I received an email that said, "Thank you for volunteering to be a leader."


Apparently, another mom received the same email after sending the same kind of email that I had sent, and now we have found ourselves the leaders of the 1st grade squad.

Nick has asked me why I just did not say no.  I really have no good answer-it was like magic how we got conned into doing this.  It was a bit of guilt mixed in with obligation so that our girls could be a part of this organization.

Anyway, once we met a few times (with our younger boys running around and crying for our attention i.e. the reason that we did not want to be leaders) ideas started to come together and we found ourselves somewhat organized.  Somewhat.

We just met this past week for the first meeting.  And had our butts kicked.

Actually, most of the girls are sweet and were excited to do whatever we had planned.  There was one girl, however, that had nothing but attitude to every idea.  I should have expected it-she was in Abby's class last year and gave everyone attitude the entire year.  I honestly do not think she knows how to smile.  Which is really sad-most 1st graders should be smiling all of the time.

I introduced a get-to-know-you game...attitude girl said, "Oh, I hate this game!  I had to do it this summer."

The girls sat down to have a snack.  Attitude girl did not get to sit with her favorite friend so she slouched in her chair, folded her arms, and frowned.

After having a snack, attitude girl kept saying how she was still hungry and wanted more to eat.  She actually sat out of the final game because she was "too hungry."

Honestly, if it was not for attitude girl, I do not think I would have felt so deflated.  The rest of the girls seemed to have a good time, even though their energy was through the roof and I am not sure they heard a word that we tried to teach them.

I have a new found respect for elementary teachers.  Absolutely no idea how they do it every day.

So, now I feel like I am in survival mode for the rest of the school year.  Sending out emails to parents about meetings and snack lists while Noah attempts to type on my laptop with me.  Waking up the boys from naps to meet Nick at the high school so that I do not have to have them with me while I round up 16 1st graders and attempt to lead them.  Praying for these girls, especially attitude girl, and spending time organizing their year.

I know the joys will far outweigh the work, but in the meantime, I am reminded why I love to teach high school kids.

Funny enough, every elementary teacher reading this is thinking, "I have no idea how high school teachers/youth directors do it."

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