The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Typical Rosenfeldt

We were in the car today and heard Abby throwing a fit about something.  When asked what was wrong, she went on a rant about how the clip would not stay in her doll's hair, even though it did work before, but now it kept falling out and her hair was all crazy without it.

I know.  Real problems.

I told her to slow down and relax.  I also mentioned that yelling about it will not make it work any better. 

As usual, I was responded with silence.  You know, the silence that every kid gives their parent when they do not want to admit that they might possibly be right.

When we reached our destination, she was getting out of the car and suddenly had a gloating look on her face.  She held up her doll, who had her hair perfectly pulled back in a clip, and declared, "See, yelling does work!"

I give up.  As Nick and I unsuccessfully tried to hold back our laughter, he said, "She really is a Rosenfeldt.  We yell until it gets better." 

Sometimes there are teachable moments.  Then there are moments like this when you just have to laugh and realize that your children are guaranteed to pick up the not-so-lovely traits that you possess. 

I just wish that they would pick up my "desire to have everything put away" trait.

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