The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Well, we put up the fake tree.

I did miss the tradition of dragging the real tree in, leaving the house smelling of pine.

I did not miss clogging my vacuum with pine needles and cutting my arms with branches.

It was kind of uneventful putting up the tree.  I decided to do it alone while everyone was at school, so that the fun part of putting on decorations could be ready when they all got home.

Oh, but wait.  Noah was home all day.  He was fun.

Apparently, my one-year old thought that I needed his help.  He decided that he was best needed by walking in circles around the tree, climbing over me as I adjusted the branches.  He also found it helpful to bite and scratch my legs while I stood on a chair to build the top.  Oh, and he loved taking out every possible item in the house while my attention was on the tree.

Still, I managed to get it done and ready for my family.  With Mannheim Steamroller playing on the ipod, we hung up our ornaments with care.  Nick and I smiled at the ornaments that were wedding gifts and reminisced over the ones that were from trips that we have taken.  The kids got excited over their personal ornaments and we carefully hung up the homemade ones out of Noah's reach.

We all placed the angel that represents our lost baby on the top and center of the tree.

Noah managed to break only two bulbs and knock down just a few off the bottom.  The top seven feet of our tree are decorated beautifully while the lower two are simply covered with lights.  Mr. Noah simply does not understand the words, "Don't touch!"

Actually, I think he understands them perfectly, but also understands how to smile sweetly and look innocent about it.

So, here we are, all decorated and ready for Christmas.  For some reason my heart is really in the Christmas spirit this year.  Two years ago, I was mourning the loss of our baby.  Last year, I was sleep-deprieved from baby Noah.  But, this year, I am ready to enjoy the holiday with my crazy family.

And it is not just the decorations, gifts and feelings, which are all wonderful.  I just keep thinking about how much the Creator of the universe loves me.  He became a human being to save me.  And I have done absolutely nothing to deserve it.  Nothing.

God became man.  Not only man, but He came as a baby in a barn.  I grew up on a dairy farm.  Trust me, there is nothing glamorous about it.  He came here because He actually loves me.  Amazing.

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