The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Home

This past week, Abby brought home a paper that she wrote at school with the subject title, "I am so thankful!"  This is what she wrote...

I am so thankful for blessings.  One time my brother Caleb told me he was going to give a suprise.  He said he was going to give it to me in three days.  Shure unoth (enough) in three days he gave me a Rapunzel doll.  That was a blessing of love to me from my brother.  I love him very much.  Thou he is nice sometimes he can be mean to.  He can be funny and loveing to me to.  I am also thankful for haveing a cozy house.  It is so good to have a cozy house.  In the liveing room everybody tells about what they did that day.  Once me and Caleb were playing Wii, with mom and dad.  I like doing that in my cozy house.  But only sometimes we can do that all together.  Ushley (usually) its only me and Caleb.  I like haveing a cozy house.  I am thankful for love.  Once Noah headbuted me in the nose.  But I never do it back to Noah.  It's fun to have brothers even thou they can sometimes be annoying.  I love both of them.  They are both very nice to me.  I have so much to be thankful for.

Two things struck me while reading this.  One being that I need to work on teaching Abby to drop her "e" when adding "ing."  Secondly, and most importantly, my daughter has the luxury of feeling safe and loved in her "cozy house." 

I look around my house and think things like, "I wish I had more storage space," "I wish I had an entire room just for toys," "I wish I had a guest bedroom," "I wish my dining room was bigger" and "I wish everyone would just put their stuff away when they are done with it."

Abby looks around her house and thinks, "I love my house because we are all together" and "I love my family and everything that comes with them."

Many children in this world are not feeling safe.  Their homes are not "cozy."  Their idea of love has been distorted.  Consistency is not a word that they understand. 

The next time I look around my house and see chaos (which will be in about a minute when I look up from this screen), I will try to see it through my daughter's eyes and see love.


Wiggwam said...

loved this post. made me giggle, but it is also so sweet...what an amazing reminder about how they see life and what matters most.

Christi said...

Love it!! Love her so much!! Proud to be her Grandma!