The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Every time that I sit down to write on here, something else gets in my way.

It usually is this almost 18-month old who thinks he owsn me.  Quite often it is our busy life now that soccer has started.  Oh, and there is this book series that I have been caught up in-The Hunger Games.  I truly did not mean to follow the crowd, but our book club chose to read this months ago, not realizing we picked the month when the movie would be coming out.

200 people on the wait list at the library for the second book.  200.

Anyway, while my mind has been distracted by fictional characters battling for their lives in a future world, I have been putting off writing.

And while I put it off, I realize how much I miss it.

There is something therapeutic about it.  When I find myself going days without adult conversation, it is a way to feel like I am connecting with other people.  To not feel alone.

Anyway, after a week of soccer practices, a field trip, and an ever-growing Noah, I have lots of stories to share.  Oh, and I have this really amazing dad who celebrated a birthday a couple of weeks ago who I want to brag about.

First, I need to go read a book.  No, not the Hunger Games (book three is soon to be delivered to my house).  Noah is throwing books at me and I must give in.

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