The Kids

The Kids

Monday, March 5, 2012

Why Did I Leave The House?

Ever have one of those mornings where you probably should have just stayed home?

Got everyone ready for school this morning.  Started getting texts from friends warning me about the roads.  Apparently, there was black ice and accidents everywhere.  Sure, why not?  I was just wearing flip flops two days ago so that makes perfect sense.  Ah, Ohio-you have such lovely weather.

Packed the backpacks and the diaper bag, grabbed my camera and purse, and headed out the door.  At first, I thought, "The roads are fine.  What's all the fuss about?"  Then I actually left my neighborhood. 

Cars were off the road, crashed into each other everywhere.  Once I turned onto the next street, I noticed that the traffic was just sitting there.  So, we joined in and sat there.  Finally got to my carpool friend's neighborhood, where I had to wait to turn into because two (yes, two) tow trucks were blocking the entrance, saving stranded drivers.  Finally got in there, picked up her daughter and left my crying Noah there (had to volunteer in Abby's class today and that goes much easier without Noah) and got back on the road. 

Went about three miles an hour for awhile.  A long while.  Thought about turning onto another road at one point, but then the school bus beat me to it so I figured that he was not the best person to follow.  Finally reached another street where we could get out of the never-ending line of cars and cut through the lovely Indian Hill.

Amazing.  The wealthy people of Indian Hill even get to avoid traffic.  No one was on those roads.

Eventually got to school, only ten minutes late, where they were thankfully not counting tardies since the whole city was running late.  Checked in the preschoolers and headed to Abby's class.  As I sat in the back of the classroom, about to help lead the students in exercises where they learn what it is like to be blind, I noticed that Abby was not looking too great.  She came back to me, said her stomach hurt, then put her hand over her mouth and ran to the bathroom.

Good news-she made it to the bathroom.  Bad news-the bathroom is a kindergarten bathroom, where the toilet is really low to the ground, so half of what she lost landed on the floor.

As I rubbed her back and held her hair back (really wishing that she had put a headband in this morning), my heart hurt for her.  Thankfully, another parent was in the building that could take over my assigned duties and I got Abby out of there pretty quickly. 

Grabbed some ginger ale and saltines on the way home, picked up Noah (who had not yet taken a nap since he was still being grumpy about me abandoning him-little stinker) and got everyone home.

Best part of it all?  Abby was moaning in the backseat when I asked her, "So, what movie do you want to watch when we get home?"  I heard silence and then, "I get to do that?"

Oh, sweet girl.  That is the only good part of being sick...laying on the couch in front of the tv.

So, now she is laying around, watching Annie and sipping ginger ale.  And I am wondering why I left the house at all.

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Elna said...

Wow what a day hope they are doing better