The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break

This past week has been Spring Break for the kids.  And Nick. 

Kind of wondering when I get a Spring Break.

Because of Spring Break, my writing has been ignored.  With the total chaos of everyone home, quiet time has become a lost cause.  Even as I am attempting to write this, Noah just broke a shelf on the bookshelf, causing things to fall all around him.

I wish I was kidding.

Ironically, the box of stuff that fell off the shelf was my box of things to do.  Pictures to file away, frames to fill, scrapbook things that probably will not get placed in an album until Noah is in college.  The box just keeps getting more and more full while I realize my attempt to take care of it is in vain.

Anyway, it has been a nice...

Oh, excuse me...I have to go take the fish scooper out of Noah's hands.

So, it has been nice having everyone home.  It was great for Nick to be able to spend time with the kids, which becomes a rarity during baseball season.  The next month will be non-stop games and practices that he has to coach.  Soccer and baseball are starting for the kids so this past week was a nice break before the chaos begins.

Two of my closest friends!

We were able to go and see my family for a few days.  Instead of driving all over the place with our limited time, friends and family came to us, which was a huge blessing with $4/gallon gas.

What the heck is that all about?  How is anyone supposed to afford that?

We had an Easter egg hunt for the kids.  I think my parents are still finding eggs outside.

My best friend's older two kids loved the Easter Egg hunt!

After we packed our car and headed home (making sure that we had all of our Daffins chocolate accounted for), we made it home.  Without any incidents.  No flat tires, no running out of gas, no throwing up in fast food bags.

It was surreal.

Well, I guess I should count the one time where Caleb had to pee in the middle of the stretch of nothing between Cincinnati and Columbus.  We took an exit, had him stand in the van and aim.  He thought that was pretty cool.

The kids and I went to see Rapunzel at the Children's Theater.  We spent lots of time playing outside and being creative inside.  And we had a movie night at home last night.  The movie of choice?  Harry and the Hendersons.

Ever since Nick and his obsession with the show "Finding Bigfoot" began, he was hopeful of watching Harry with the kids.  Apart from a few swear words (that the kids did not even notice) the movie was a hit for Abby and Caleb.  As they cuddled in their sleeping bags with their bowls of popcorn, they laughed at Harry and the great 80's story.

Now, as we face the last day of break, I am thankful for the break from the routine.  But, also looking forward to accomplishing things while everyone is at school. 

I need to stop writing now.  Noah is continually throwing his books at me, begging to be read to.  Love that kid.

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