The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Underground Railroad

Okay, so perhaps I am bragging, but I just had to share what my little 1st grader wrote for her theme, I know a lot about the underground railroad."  The students had to pretend that they were traveling the Underground Railroad.

One night there was a storm.  Now is the time, my dad said.  Earlyer we had sung songs telling it was time to go.  Tomorrow there was no work, so Master woud't miss us.  We began to pack some food.  Soon we were all ready.  We set out in the storm.  We were both very nevous.  Soon it was almost dawn.  We hid in a cave.  We waited until dusk.  Then we started out again.  Hour after hour we walked.  Days past and one lucky day we came to a safe house.  We knew it was safe because we saw a lantern in the window.  The people there were Qackers.  The next day they took us to another safe house-the church.  we hid under a secret hideout underneath the floor.  At night we started out again.  Soon we came to a river.  Lake Erie, my dad said to me.  He made a sign on the ground.  Someone came and looked for us.  We jumped out of hiding.  The person gave us very good clothes.  We dressed like we were going to church.  That will make you look like you are free, the person said.  He helped us get on a boat.  After many days of riding, He said I see land!  We went very fast in the boat and soon we came to land.  We were finnaly free!  We were very happy.  We had been a slave all our lives and now we were free.  It was January first, 1912.  We were extra happy.  We had took our freedom.  We hope someday the whole world will be in freedom.  Until then, I hope we can help as many as we can.  Mabe even one hundred!  I hope people will be free soon.

Love it.

I must mention that her teacher did correct the year of 1912-I think she has read so many American Girl books that are set during that time period that she just automatically wrote it.

I love the little shout out to camp by mentioning Lake Erie.  In her seven-year old world, that is the only big water that she could think of, apart from the ocean.

What a worldview she has, to think that helping one hundred people is a lot.  Compared to the whole world of people in need.  I suppose, though, that should be our view as well.  Instead of thinking the whole world is hopeless and there is nothing that one person can do, we should start by helping one person. 

I love my little writer.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading these gems ( of course I guess I'm a bragging Grammy) -- please keep them coming! I think reading is one of the best helps to writing- YAAY Abby!