The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Abby's Book

Oh my.  So many things to write about and so little time.  I have all of these thoughts and stories swirling around in my head and have yet to find the time to write them down.  For now, I will start with the precious book that Abby wrote for me.

She brought the book home from school the other day, but last night informed me that she was supposed to wait to give it to me.  Apparently, it was her Mother's Day gift to me and it should have been presented on Sunday.  However, she could not keep the excitement to herself.

And you know, considering that Mother's Day is on a day where I still have to get up early to get everyone ready for church and it is not really a day off (do those exist?) I am perfectly okay accepting my gift early.

If my scanner was working (my printer/scanner is one of those items that Mr. Noah has recently broken), or my camera was here to take a picture of it (shipped off to replace the lens) then I would show you all what it looks like.  But, for now, you are left with the beautiful words of my Abby.

The cover says, "We're Very Good Friends, My Mother and I by Abby Rosenfeldt."

(I am going to remind her of this book when she is a teenager.)

First page, with a drawn picture of us with cameras in our hands and snow falling outside.
I like to take pictures with mom.  I was at my grammy's house when it was snowing.  With so many trees, it was so pretty!  Mom had her camera and we went outside.  We even took some pictures of just the snow falling.  It was so pretty all by itself that day. 

Second page, with a drawn picture of  us holding a book together, in our living room.
Once my mother and I were reading Little House on the Prairie together.  (Well, it was mostly her reading because I couldn't read that well yet.)  Now I have read all of those books because she helped me with that first really really long chapter book.  I love reading with Mom.

Third page, with a drawn picture of us grocery shopping.
Once my mother and I went shopping.  (Without the boys, which was good.)  It was so fun even though it was only groceries that we were buying!  We laughed and talked and sometimes we just walked and smiled at each other.  We had fun all by ourselfs without the boys so they didn't destroy everything.

Fourth page, with a drawn picture of us laying on the couch, watching television.
My mother and I have fun just cuddling together.  It is very fun just curling up and watching movies.  One cold day we got warm by cuddling and curling.  We had warm popcorn and hot chocolate.  We had a very warm and cozy time together.  We were happy that day.  I am happy we can have fun just cuddling up.

Fifth page, with a drawn picture of us putting cookies in the oven.
I love baking cookies with mom.  It is so fun baking her cookies because her cookies are the best, of course!  My favorite part is putting in the chocolate chips.  I even get to eat some!  Mom's cookies are so good they've become famous.  My favorite part is just doing that because it is enough.

The back cover says, "And I know in my heart she's the best mom of all.  So I guess in the end, loves the best reason why we're very good friends, my mother and I!"

Wow.  This girl took the most simple things that we do together and shared them as her favorite times together.  Reading, grocery shopping, taking pictures, watching tv, baking cookies.

Funny how I saw no mention of King's Island, the beach or any other grand fun day that we plan for our children.

All they want is us and our time.

Am I giving it to them?  Abby remembered those times with fondness.  What were my thoughts?  Probably something like, "Don't get your feet wet in the snow," "Only one more chapter of this book because I have stuff to do," "We're going in and out of the store quick and don't ask me for anything," "This is a great kid movie to watch, but I have people to email right now," "You can help with a couple of parts of the baking, but I am in a hurry and need to make them quick."

They just want us and our time.

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