The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, May 12, 2012

When Abby got home from watching her uncle become a state trooper, she wrote the following...



By Abby Rosenfeldt

Students graduate from police acadamy in West Virgina!  From 56-53 (That means that it starts at 56 and ends at 53) is one of the highest scores in West Virgina.  My Uncle is one of the gratuates so of course I was there.  It was so exciting!  My Uncle actually gets to be on T.V.!  At first we had to sit inside for four hours waiting for everyone to talk and to get deplomas and awards-and so on.  After that, Everyone goes to a school yard and the almost policepeople (because there is a woman) sing a really, really, really long song.  After that, they congratuate each other and then they come to their family members.  That's when he got interviewed.  He was on fox 11 May 4th, 2012!  Next, Uncle Billy showed us around his school.  There were even some parts that you wern't allowed to step on!  That was because they were supposed to sign to the policepeople and should be respected. 

Love, Abby Rosenfeldt

I love her memory.

Okay, so she kind of mixed up a few details.  She combined her memory of how many students make it through the program with the speaker telling us how well their test scores were.  And I guess it felt like four hours since we arrived two hours early for decent seats.  Other than that, she remembered more than my tired brain did.

My daughter, the journalist.

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