The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Curse Of The Angry Birds

Caleb has had bad luck with his Angry Birds.

Let us go back a year ago to when he was given his first Angry Bird.  We were on vacation when I gave in and bought one at a local store that was completely over-pricing them because they knew how crazy kids are on vacation and how tired the parents are.  Anyway, if you missed this gem of a story, please read

That lovely chocolate milkshake that landed everywhere in the car landed right on Caleb's new Angry Bird.  Oh, and Abby's favorite hat, but that part of the story is for another time.

Flash forward to this past week.  Caleb won (actually won) two new Angry Birds at King's Island.  Yes, those games that I always so no to because they are a scam.  The kid spent $2 and won two birds.  Pretty awesome.  Even the strangers that were watching were impressed.

The next day, we were in the car with Caleb's two new friends right at his feet.  He started coughing and complaining that he needed water.  I reminded him that we were close to our destination and to just relax.  Moments later, he stopped coughing.  So that he could throw up.  All over the floor, the booster seat, and the blanket on the floor.

Oh, and all over the new Angry Birds.

Seriously?  Again?

Note to parents of these stuffed animals-they do make it through the washing machine in one piece.

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