The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Little Brother

I am so proud of my "little" brother.

Now that he just graduated from the West Virginia State Police Academy, he is not so little anymore.

After months of hard work (picture military boot camp) and sacrifices, he did it.  Hundreds of applicants all narrowed down to Billy and fifty-some other men (and one brave woman) who accomplished this amazing feat.

Early morning to wake up to for the graduation

I took Abby and Caleb to see his graduation.  With three hours each way and a stay at a hotel, I figured it would be much easier to leave Noah at home.  Sorry, little guy-I love you, but some things are just easier when you stay home :)

Enjoy some pictures of our family's proud day.

Proud Parents

So proud of their Uncle Billy

Billy and his proud girlfriend, Brittany
My dad putting the badge on Billy
Their gifts from Billy-a Trooper bear for Abby and a Trooper shirt for Caleb (which he wants to wear every day)
Congratulations Billy!  We love you!

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Brittany said...

Love this post! So proud :)