The Kids

The Kids

Friday, May 25, 2012

Getting Higher?

There has been a song on the radio, lately, that I really enjoy.  It is called "We are Young" by the band Fun.

No, it is not a Christian song.  It is basically about friends partying together and promising to carry each other home if they are too drunk.

Pretty classy, I know.

It is the music that I enjoy.  And the chorus.  With the rock anthem sound and the words, "Tonight, we are young, so let's set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun," it just makes me feel like a kid who feels like she can do anything in a world of great possibility. 

Anyway, whenever the song comes on the radio, I turn it up.  It is usually just Noah in the car with me so I know he is not listening to the words.  Actually, when he hears even a second of the song, he starts smiling, laughing and clapping.  Even little Noah appreciates a good tune.

Unfortunately, while listening to it in the car the other day with the older two in the car, I realized that they do not miss a thing.  During the line, "My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State" (like I said, classy), I specifically turned the music down and started talking over it.  Yet, somehow, those little stinkers heard every word.

At the exact same time, Caleb commented, "My friends are in the bathroom?" and Abby asked, "What does getting higher mean?"


I just said they were silly words and changed the subject.  Why dwell on such things?  I also vowed to not leave that song on in the car with those two monkeys again.

Here is the dilemma:  Christian music is truly lacking in the creative department.  Yes, there are some great songs and musicians out there.  I already bought tickets to see The City Harmonic in a few weeks.  I own every Caedmon's Call and Andrew Peterson album ever made.  But, honestly, when I leave on the one of three Christian stations that my van picks up, it is usually the same stuff coming from the speakers.  Whining voices, predictable lyrics and not a lot of creative musicianship going on.

Yes, I am a music snob.

I am not trying to bash music that probably works wonders for other people.  When I think back on some of the stuff that was popular when I was growing up (that leaves us with Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant, people), that music really helped me, even though I now hear a completely cheesy sound from it.  I just get frustrated when so many musicians settle for what is expected in the Christian music scene-mediocrity. 

It is not just Christian music-the secular stations drive me crazy as well.  Every beat sounds the same after awhile (wow, I am sounding so old), which is why a song like the one mentioned above brings about new life to what is normally R&B monotony.

Okay, enough of my bandwagon.  Lesson learned-be careful of questionable lyrics when driving with young kids, while still trying to teach them the value of good music.

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