The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Noah And His Pants

Noah has been having trouble with keeping his hands out of his pants.

As he put a hand down there during his most recent doctor appointment, the doctor just smiled and said, "He's just making sure everything is okay down there."

Well, it is becoming a problem for two reasons. 

Every time that I change a poopy diaper, it has become a game to see who gets to touch the poop.  Will it be me, with a proper wipe?  Or will it be Mr. Noah, with his bare hands?  When the older two kids are home, they have taken it upon themselves to be the official "Noah hand holders."  They take position near his head, hold his arms over his head, and hold on for dear life while I clean his bottom.

Love those kids.

The second problem occurs at bedtime.  Noah has been taking off his pajama bottoms.  Fine, no big deal, but when he starts to take his diaper off after that, then we have a problem.  Thankfully, Caleb is usually awake when Noah starts this routine and yells from their room, "Mom, Noah is taking off his pants again!"  Then I go upstairs, put on my meanest face and attempt to recloth him. 

It is really hard to keep one's meanest face when the object of one's meanest face giggles and looks pretty cute.

Last night, I went to check on the kids before I went to bed (a normal routine for any mom) and I found my Noah lying on his stomach, without pants.  At least the diaper was on, right?

Kind of.

As I put his pants back on (not sure why I ever tiptoe around the kid when he is sleeping since he was completely out as I put his pants on), I realized that something was not quite right.  It turns out that he must have fallen asleep with his hands in his pants, because the front of his diaper was just low enough for a certain body part to be sticking out.

Yep.  He was asleep on his stomach, with his favorite body part hanging out.

He certainly woke up when I fixed that problem.

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