The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Abby's Award

After all of my posts about my children driving me crazy, every now and then I have to brag.

During the never ending Memorial Tournament that Abby played in (95 degree weather, people), each of those games had a special treat for one girl from the team.  When each game was over, each team would select one girl from the opposing team to give the Sportsmanship Award badge to.  During one of those games, the team picked Abby.

The look on her face was priceless.  She was so excited and could not stop smiling.

I will shamelessly say that I think she earned it.  As her Aunt Amy calls her, she is "the wall" on defense.  That girl would not let anyone past her.  When she played goalie for awhile, she threw herself on that ball without a shred of fear.

If that were me in the goalie box, I would be jumping out of the way of the ball being kicked by a bunch of six and seven-year olds in cleats.

I am really proud of her.  She could have easily been frustrated with this season, as she was one of the oldest girls and had a little more experience than some of them.  But, she became such a good leader, made friends and most importantly, had fun.

Her underdog team (who was asked ahead of time if they were really sure that they wanted to enter the tournament based on their not so winning record) made it to the championship game.  Even though they lost the last game, they still earned a huge trophy and were pretty proud of their tired selves.

So ends another soccer season.  It will be fall before we know it.

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