The Kids

The Kids

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sleeping With The Octopus

Noah is my good sleeper.  He takes super long naps.  He sleeps all night, even when his older brother stays up late, reading by his closet light.

Which is why it gets quite frustrating when he decides to change from this routine and mess up my life.

We are currently in PA, staying at my parent's house, where Noah normally sleeps fine.  I have no idea why, but this time, he keeps waking up in the middle of the night, scared because he does not know where he is.

The kid has been taking awesome naps here, but suddenly he is scared at night when he cannot even see that the room is different?  Sure, why not.

Because I could not let him cry it out (and wake up the rest of the household), I had to bring him to bed last night.  Nick is already back home so it was just me and the king sized bed.  Plenty of room for me and Noah, right?

Not exactly.

I moved to one side of the bed, put Noah in the middle, and propped up some pillows on the other side of him so that he did not roll off the bed.  Apparently, my son moves around in his sleep a lot more than I ever thought. 

That sweet child kept me up all night.  He kept sitting up in his sleep, then would throw himself down to a new position.  He landed on his stomach, on his side, on his back.  At one point, he threw out his legs and kicked over a lamp (still have no idea how he reached that far).  Sometimes his head was pressed up against my side, while other times I felt feet kicking my back.

It explains a lot of the wiggling that I felt when he was in my belly.

The best part was when he woke up just enough to stretch.  And fart.


So, here I sit, eyes drooping while I pray for a peaceful sleep tonight.  Otherwise, Abby will have to drive us home tomorrow while I nap in the backseat.

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