The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Drive Home

Drove to Cheraw, South Carolina.  Then drove home a few days later.  And the exciting thing that happened was...wait for it...


No flat tires, no puking of chocolate milkshakes, no traumatic tears over letting a bug fly free. 

At one point I wondered if I was traveling with the wrong family.

We even filled up for $2.99/gallon in the Carolinas, which leads me to believe that Ohio is getting royally screwed in the gas department.

We did have some family members get a speeding ticket on their way home from the funeral.  We figured someone should in honor of Grandpa and his numerous speeding tickets.

It was a nice weekend.  Even though the reason for the reunion was sudden and sad, it was still lovely to spend time with family.  We already miss our California and Carolina families.

Caleb told me to take a picture of the sunset on the way home and this is what I captured. 

I think it is a beautiful shot of how I felt about the weekend.  The ending of something beautiful, with the road stretched out to future memories.

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