The Kids

The Kids

Friday, June 8, 2012

Seeing God

Caleb randomly asked me, "Mom, did you ever see God?"

Um, fun question.

I responded, "I haven't actually seen His face, but I know He is there and I can talk to him when I pray."

That was not good enough.  He asked, "What about at the hospital?  Was Jesus there when you were in the hospital?"

At first I did not know which hospital trip he meant.  Was it when I was born?  When I had the kids?  When I lost our third baby?

He continued, "Daddy said that Jesus was there when we were born, telling you to name me Caleb.  And to pick the name Abby."

Oh.  Now we were getting somewhere.

I said something like, "God told us your names with a feeling that we were supposed to name you Abby and Caleb, kind of like the Holy Spirit being that feeling that tells us right from wrong, you know what I mean?"

He just looked at me.  Then he said, "Daddy said that Jesus said, 'You will name the child Caleb.'"

Talk about a Biblical command.

Sadly, my feeble attempt at explaining how God communicates with us did nothing but make Caleb think that his dad was making something up.  He later said to Nick, "Mom said that you lied."


Word of advice to parents-when explaining the mysteries of life to your children, double check on how you are both explaining it to them.  It is nice to be on the same page.

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