The Kids

The Kids

Monday, July 16, 2012

Calebisms Again

Everyone can always use some Calebisms...

While driving home from PA yesterday, we stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom.

(That is because my kids conveniently need to go about two miles after we pass the rest stops-every time.)

This particular gas station had a Subway connected to it. 

Gas station with "fresh food."  Always wondered about that one.

As soon as we walked into the gas station/sandwich shop, Caleb said, "Hmm, what's that smell?  I want to buy that smell."

Love that kid.

He has also gone overboard in his excitement with sharing his room with his brother again.  Since he was at his grammy's house all week while Noah stayed home, I really do think they missed each other.  They have these fun moments together before falling asleep that are pretty hilarious to listen to through the monitor.  Many times I find Caleb asleep on the floor next to the crib, because he fell asleep while playing with Noah.

Tonight, I was able to hear the following announcements from upstairs...

"Noah, stop crying.  I'm just going potty and I will be right back!"

"Mom, Noah took off his diaper and it's poopy."

"Mom, mom!  Noah just said his name!  He said, 'Noooo Ahhhh!'"

"Hey mom, guess what?  Noah just did a headstand in his crib!"

Okay, so maybe the kid was stalling, but still, it is pretty fun to hear him talk about his little brother.

Well, it was not fun to clean up the poop, but that is just life.

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