The Kids

The Kids

Friday, July 6, 2012

My Best Friend

As I sit here and procrastinate on the remainder of my camp packing, I keep thinking back on my years at Lambec.

My life has been blessed by the people that I have met there.  No matter the years that go by or the paths that our lives have taken, anyone who has spent time there has a forever connection.

My personal favorite Lambec person is my best friend, Lisa.  We me in 1995 when we were both working on the permanent staff.

I remember being so excited about working there all summer, but did feel a little nervous about not knowing a single person on the staff.  As I walked up to my cabin, this very sweet girl came out, welcomed me in, offered to share a room and introduced herself as Lisa.

For the past seventeen years, we have shared so many fun times, heartbreak over romances gone wrong, inside jokes, wedding plans, loss of family members, birth of babies, miscarriages, and heart to heart talks. 

We drove the ladies of David's Bridal crazy as we finished fittings for our wedding dresses and maid of honor dresses at the same time because you know we just had to get married within a few months of each other.  We made impromptu trips to camp in the dead of winter-just because we felt like it.  Our husbands get along great and our kids play together at every reunion.  We even have shared delivery stories of barely making it to the hospital before our babies made an appearance.

When I took around Lambec, I see Lisa.  I see so many memories of our summers on staff and they all make me smile.

What is so awesome this year is that she is volunteering as the camp nurse this week.

Not only do I get to go to camp for a week, but I get to enjoy it with my best friend again.

Now, if we could only remember where we buried that time capsule seventeen years ago.  Might have to do some digging this week.

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