The Kids

The Kids

Monday, July 16, 2012

Pictures Of Camp

Ah, civilization.

Bug free shower, king-sized bed, washing machine and dryer, central air...pretty sweet.

However, a week at camp with showering with bugs, a small cot to sleep on, dirty laundry piling up and only the breeze from the lake to keep us cool-still pretty sweet.

It was another amazing week at Camp Lambec Music Camp.  Lives were changed and challenged, friendships were renewed and fun was had.  Althought I am sleep deprived and sore in my old age, every second of it was worth it.

I have stories to tell and fun memories to share, but for now, I will simply share with pictures.

My best friend's girls

Overlooking Lake Erie


Some of my favorite people

Best friend Lisa

Our future campers

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tammy,
Could you please add more stories about Camp. I enjoy hearing them each year :)