The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Musings Before Camp

This past week has been spent getting Mary Kay orders together, having my first Thirty-One party and getting my act together on that part of the online business, while doing laundry and packing for camp. 

Oh, and I think I made dinners, read books with my kids and was a supportive wife at some point, too.

I have no idea how women work full time and still come home to be a mom and wife.  It is beyond my understanding.

Anyway, camp is in two days.  I am slowly packing for it and checking off my list.  Yes, I need a packing list for camp.  I take the most random things that I have to remind myself of it all.

For example, I currently have (in one of my thirty-one totes!) paper towels, my camera, my Bible, prayer journal, club time songbook of chords, an air freshener, chalk, empty 2 liter bottles, tissues, dryer sheets, and snacks.  And the tote is ready to go next to a box of Christmas lights.

Apart from the fact that the tote is awesome and holds all of that stuff with room to spare, it also gives a great example of the random packing that is involved with camp.

I am really looking forward to this upcoming week.  However, I will also be feeling the loss of two people.

One is my awesome friend, Deb.  She is the friend who passed away this past winter and who I will miss dearly at camp.  She was my choir buddy, always sitting next to me in the alto section.  Even as I have listened to this year's choir music, some of it makes me sad because I can totally see her dancing to it or telling me how much she loves a particular song. 

I will also be thinking of our little baby that would have been two years old on the 10th.  It is amazing to me how quickly time goes by-I can remember the heartache of losing our child like it was yesterday, but here it is, over two years later.  The pain that comes with what could be a bitter week is softened by the surrounding of dear friends in an amazing place.  I know that as I wake up on the 10th and remember my child, I will also awaken to friends singing their praises to God in His beautiful creation. 

And I will know that my baby and Deb are in Heaven, praising Him with us.

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