The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Camp Reflections

Someone commented on here that I need to talk about camp.  Thank you for reminding me.  How quickly I get caught up in life here and let that one amazing week fade into precious memories.

Camp was amazing.  I could say that every year (and probably do), but each year I am always amazed at how it is still powerful and surprising and fresh.  One would think that the routine could get boring.  Seriously-the daily schedule is still the same from when I was a camper in 1988.  True, we actually had F.O.B. then (Flat/Feet On Bunk-naptime after lunch), but it is still on the schedule to this day, just in case. 

The routine may stay the same, but the freshness of the people and the world around us keeps learning.  Actually, I would have to say that it is the Holy Spirit that keeps us learning and renewed.  Without that presence, we are just a bunch of kids and grown-ups (who pretend we are kids) running around on a beautiful piece of property, kind of having fun.

These memories are fun...

And these memories are precious...

I also love how our whole staff works so well together.  It is a beautiful picture of why God makes us different with our own unique qualities.  We need the goofy counselors who keep kids laughing.  We need the quieter ones who listen well to the quieter campers.  We need the dreamers and the organizers.  We need the young ones who are full of energy and the older ones who are full of wisdom.  Somehow, in the midst of this group of random people, God creates something beautiful for His work.

Fun times were had, friendships were made, and spiritual walks were renewed.  Most importantly, the gospel was presented many times through words and music and love.

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