The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Noah "The Tornado" Update

Okay, I need to share some enjoyable things about Noah.  I need to do this because I need to remind myself why I enjoy having the little booger around.

It is not even lunch time, yet, and I am already having one of those days.

Sweet Noah is in full force today-lots of screeching and throwing himself on the floor in a fit (oh yes-we will get to the new temper tantrums).  To top it all off, I just finished a load of laundry, opened up the dryer and found that every item was speckled with blue.  After wondering why, I finally found the blue crayon in the washing machine.

Now considering the load of laundry consisted of my clothes and the boy's clothes (and one of Nick's shirts, which was black so he had nothing to complain about), I could narrow the prime suspect down to two persons.  One being the older brother, who quite often leaves crayons lying about in his room.  While throwing his clothes into the hamper, he could have easily thrown a crayon in there without realizing it.

The second (and most likely) suspect would be the little brother.  He thinks he is helping by throwing smaller items into bigger items. 

It is like a treasure hunt every time I look into the garbage can.

Anyway, as I am waiting for the blue clothes to finish washing-again-I need to share fun things that he is currently doing.

Contrary to what you might think with all of the screeching, he does talk a lot now.  Some of his favorite words are:  Mama, Dada, grandpa, grandma, bird, bayoon (balloon), dirt, ruff, boom (broom), mop, ball, and uh oh. 

Some of my favorites are:  Tatu (thank you), papa (please), flowera (flower), waterala (water), and yeah. 

My reasons are that I love that he can finally ask for things nicely and thank me for them.  And I love the sound of flowera and waterala coming from his little mouth.  And when he says "yeah" it is always when I am asking how his day was or if he had fun somewhere.  His answer is always a very high pitched and sweet "yeah!"

The only catch to the papa (please) is that he thinks he can have whatever he wants because he uses that word.  Sorry kid-get used to life.

Now, for those beloved temper tantrums.  Whoever thinks that children are born perfect never actually had a child.  It is inherently flowing through their little bodies to know how to throw a temper tantrum.  And they know how to do it well.

When Noah does not get his way (which is quite often) he flings himself to the floor and burst into tears.  At which point I continue about my business and ignore him.

My personal favorite fit so far has to be when we were at King's Island, waiting in line for a ride.  Noah kept trying to cut in line (I don't blame him, really) and every time that I held him back, he got angry.  He finally went to fling himself to the ground, but then realized that he was on hard cement.  He slowly got down on his hands and knees, lowered himself to the ground and carefully laid himself on his tummy.

He then looked at me as if to say, "See?"

I could go on about this blessed child, but he is currently climbing on top of my couch to reach the ipod so that he can rip it out of the ipod player. 

Time to make some lunch and tame the beast.

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