The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Change In Octaves

Do children really believe that if they raise the octave they are begging in, their parents will change their minds and give in?

Abby: "Can I please have something sweet?"
Me: "Not right now."
Abby: "Please?"
Me: "Not now, Abby."
Abby: (in a higher pitch) "Pleeease?"
Me: "Abby, I said no."
Abby: (another octave higher) "Please, please, pleeeease?"

At this point she receives the look and has to decide whether it is worth it to go one more octave. (And this picture is an example of the look I receive when I say "no.") Substitute the "something sweet" for any other request and that about sums up our daily battles.

Parenthood is fun.


Amy D said...

That's a hilarious picture! I bet that picture will definitely resurface again later when she's older . . .

Tammy said...

It's actually an older picture that I thought fit this post perfectly!