The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, February 28, 2009


What is wrong with me when it comes to driving?

While driving on the highway the other day, I noticed a little sports car flying around everyone. Instead of being practical and staying in the left lane to pass everyone, this guy decided it was more fun to switch lanes and pass on the right.

Huge pet peeve of mine. And if you live in Cincinnati, you know people are notorious for doing this on 275.

I watched this man ride right up on someone else's bumper, swaying back and forth, trying to find his edge to pass them. He finally found a space, flew through (picture brake lights flashing everywhere as he almost caused at least three accidents) and took off.

Now, he did not affect me in any way personal-I was still a few cars behind his madness. But, I wanted justice for how he treated the stranger he was riding up on. Do I know them? No! But, I wanted justice!

Then, miracles of miracles, a police car just happened to be sitting around the corner. Ignoring my own five miles over the speed limit I was doing, I found myself chanting, "Get him! Get him! Get him!" I watched in glee as the cop pulled out and immediately started gaining on the enemy. He followed the car up the next exit ramp (which made me wonder if that guy really needed to take that exit or if he was trying to play it smart and get out of the way) and stayed right on his bumper.

Sadly, I could not stop in the middle of traffic to see how it played out. But, as I continued on under the exit, I noticed the victim car in front of me, weaving back and forth, straining to see the outcome through their rearview mirror. We all were so concerned about whether or not that guy received justice, we were almost causing our own accidents.

Forget the fact that I was speeding. I had the right to judge this man. It does not matter that when I was in labor with Abby, Nick drove the same way (or worse) to that very exit. This time, I was right and justice appeared to prevail.

I seem to recall Jesus saying something about taking out the plank in our own eyes so that we can remove the speck in our neighbor's. Hmm.

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Amy said...

I do the exact same thing!