The Kids

The Kids

Friday, February 13, 2009


For the last two days, my children have skipped their naps. On a normal day, they go in their rooms at 1 pm, read/procrastinate until around 2 pm, then eventually fall asleep until 3-4 pm. Those few hours are my lunch break and chance to get caught up on stuff I did not finish earlier in the day.

Needless to say, I am tired.

Which explains my reaction to them knocking on their doors, begging to get out of their rooms after not sleeping-again.

It was not pretty.

I know as a mom I should be showing patience and aim to speak in a loving voice. But, whoever made up that rule clearly did not have children. My children received my loud voice (it's not pretty) and a lecture of why naps are so important. They actually had the look of fear in their eyes for a short time.

(Is it wrong that it is satisfying to know your children might fear you?)

Anyway, what I noticed this time was that they gave each other a look that meant they understood each other. From that moment today, they continued to back each other up. When Caleb got in trouble for practically emptying his brand new tube of toothpaste (that's what I get for buying him a Thomas toothbrush that makes music), Abby pulled him aside and gave him a hug. When he was sent to time out right before dinner, his sister immediately ran over and quietly asked him if he was okay and ready to join us, to which he hugged her and agreed to calm down. Even when Abby bit her brother, she immediately apologized while crying and he replied (through many tears), "That's okay, Abby."

It appears that they join together against the greater enemy-me. When they see each other getting in trouble, they suddenly forget the argument they were just having over a toy or who gets to sit in the front of the tub that night (why is that so important, anyway?) and immediately defend and comfort each other.

I hope this loyalty continues as they grow up and face greater enemies then their mother.

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Anonymous said...

I think a little fear is good! Just as we fear God and don't want to disobey- not that He stops loving us, but we can be corrected for our own good- and sometimes it's not fun. I think kids should feel that fear ( respect). Did you? your mean but loving Mom