The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Shout Out To The Farmers

While Abby was eating breakfast this morning, she suddenly said, "I think I need to call Grandpa and thank him for all the milk!"

(My dad is a dairy farmer)

She went on..."You know, Mommy, Grandpa milks the cows and the cows give milk and that's where this milk came from! I think it's good to thank him for all the milk!"

After thanking her for explaining to me what my dad does for a living, I agreed we need to be more thankful for things like that.

Thanks Dad. You continually watch milk prices rise in the store while your paycheck drops, your job never ends, you never get a vacation and you have worked hard your entire life with not much of a thank you. But, your granddaughter is very thankful for the milk that you put on her table.


Emily Jean said...

that is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. she is so thoughtful. well, most of the time... ;) (maybe not when she gets her competitive nick streak and says "no! I'm supposed to win! you can't win! I win!"

Nick said...

Em, you clearly don't know Tammy as well as I do. "Competitive 'Nick' streak"? Try playing a game-- any game-- with Tammy, and then tell me who's competitive.

The girl takes after her mother. I'm not competitive at all.

Emily Jean said...

Sure, Nick. Whatever you say... :)

Amy D said...

Yeah, that's why Tammy avoids playing board games . . . ;-)

Abby's comments are so very cute, and sweet! It must be so great (fill in a better adjective) as a partent to see your child make thoughtful and gracious comments like that. You know you're doing the right thing. :-)

Heather said...

Yeah Nick- no competetiveness there whatsoever. I seem to recall a time when you insisted that we had to beat the boys at cornhole for the Lambec championship. I'm not saying Tammy isn't competetive, because she is, but Abby gets that from both of you.