The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bath Talks

Our normal routine is for Nick to give the kids their baths while I help whichever child is out to clean up and get ready for bed. Tonight he is running an errand for me so I was left handling the ritual on my own. I realized during this time how many funny conversations I miss when I am so busy doing instead of just sitting with them. Tonight was a lovely example of such talks.

I was snuggling with Caleb after his bath while he was all wrapped up in his towel. I held him like a baby and told him how I remembered when he was just born and so tiny. He then said, "I remember being in your belly. There was lots of water."

When asked if he really remembered being in there, he continued, "I remember lots of water. And there was a starfish in there!"

Okay. Sure. Why not?

Abby delighted me with her views on marriage. She was playing with her foam dolls, more specifically the princess and the prince. She kept pushing them together and was making up voices for them. She told me they loved each other very much and that is why they were dancing together. Then she kept moving them further and further apart, saying they were living in different houses but it was okay because they could get on an airplane to see each other.

When I asked her why they just did not get married and live in the same house, she replied, "They don't have kids, yet."

Apparently, to be married, one must have a child. When I told her that some people get married and never have kids, she looked shocked. She kept asking why and eventually the conversation went down the road of me trying to explain why some people do not want kids or are not able to have them.

Which is about the time when I changed the subject and declared bath time to be over.

God help me when the questions become harder the older they get.

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