The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy's Day

I have always been a daddy's girl. Not in the spoiled, princess, get everything I want kind of way. But, in the way that I love my dad with all my heart and never once doubted his love for me.

All week, I looked for a Father's Day card to send him, but I never found one that said what it needed to say. How does one find a card that thanks a man for his daily sacrifices for his family, for his unconditional love, for his neverending giving of time and for his example of how a husband should treat his wife?

Most cards only touch on maybe one of those subjects. Hardly ever do they mention the last one, even though it is so important. Watching how my dad treated my mom made me hold out for one of the good ones when it came to a husband. I looked for a best friend to marry because I saw them constantly talking and being each other's confidant.

I know my dad keeps waiting for his break. A farmer's life never ends-something always keeps coming up and it is such an unpredictable occupation. He watches those around him see the end in sight with retirement just around the corner, while he faces another day of cows, their manure (another word comes to mind for manure, but I will keep it "clean"), and the uncertainty of his future.

I want him to know it is not in vain. My brother and I grew up with fond memories of having our dad around instead of him working late hours at an office. We had the house our friends wanted to come over to because it was unique and adventurous. We grew up to be people of strong work ethics. We had a godly father who instilled in us good morals and compassion for others. My friends always said, "Your dad is just so nice!"

One of my favorite memories is staying up late, having a snack and watching late night television in the dining room with my dad. It did not matter what was on-the conversation is what I cherish. That was always the time he would really listen to what was on my mind. It did not have to be about anything important-just the ramblings of the day.

I love you Daddy. Thank you for your time. It has made all the difference in my life.


Bev said...

Tammy, Daddy read your post last night and got big tears- it really touched him! He said he wished he could put his thoughts together like that and tell you how he feels about you! He particularly remembered the story of your 6th birthday. We lived in that really bad little blue house in town and he was in the backyard talking to Mr. Goist in the morning. You looked out your bedroom window upstairs and opened the window and yelled down- "Today's my birthday!" I guess Mr. Goist was soo touch by that and laughed alot and said "Well, Happy Birthday,Sweetheart!" Daddy always loved that story because you were so young and excited and innocent. It really touched his heart- as you have all these years. He said today that he always hoped that his children would be a blessing to the people in their lives and that you did that for him today!

Aunt Carol said...

Tammy, You certainly have a way with putting your thoughts and feeling to paper, thank you for sharing them.

Your Dad is one special man. As busy as he is (I still have no idea how he does it....), he always has time for family. He is a great model for father, husband and if I could

Your Dad has always been there for me too. I've looked to him for manly and Godly insight several times and he is honest, open, tactful...a great man he is!

I'm sure one of the biggest gifts you could give him is to pass those gifts of love on to your children and instill the things in them that you remember from your Dad.