The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, June 25, 2009


While at the Creation Museum yesterday, I was impressed with the kids' attention span throughout the entire place. In particular, Caleb's attention to detail during the short video we watched about the six days of creation.

When he saw the earth appear for the first time, he yelled out, "Hey, God made that!"

After a couple of days went by, he asked (loudly and excitedly), "What's going to happen next?"

And, my personal favorite, when they showed Adam and Eve for the first time he exclaimed, "They're naked!" (Do not worry, future parents taking their children there-it was tastefully done. Just bare shoulders.)

At least he was paying attention and already giving God the glory.

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Nick said...

Ahhh... "tasteful nudity" at the Creation Museum. Two terms I never would have put together. Those bare shoulders offend me.

I wish I could have gone. Glad the kids enjoyed it.