The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Bite

I finally gave in and started reading The Twilight series, just to see what all the fuss is about. So far, they are okay. Definitely targeted at teens, but, like most women, I can easily get in touch with my teenage-self and enjoy the stories.

I have learned not to read them right before falling asleep, because my dreams have been ridiculously crazy. Lots of vampires and werewolves mixed in with my daily activities. Not the most peaceful way to rest.

Regardless, I can separate fiction from reality. I just found it ironic today when Caleb decided to bite me.

We were swimming at the King's Island waterpark (season passes just might be one of the best purchases we have made this year) and suddenly I felt a stab of pain in my right inner thigh. I looked down and there was Caleb, standing there with a grin on his face.

My first reaction was swift. I bent down, looked at him with "the look" and spanked his butt. After I realized spanking a two-year old while his bottom half was in the water was worthless (and not smart, given the large audience that could have turned me in for child abuse), I used "the tone" warning him never to do that again.

I forgot about the incident until I was at home changing my clothes. I noticed two red marks on my thigh and could not think where they came from. Then I noticed they were teeth marks and could not belive my child left me with such a bruise.

I never knew when I referred to him as a little monster that I might be right.

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